Friday, March 21, 2008

Movie Review: War (2007)

Starring: Jet Li, Jason Statham
Director: Phillip G. Atwell
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: R

Jason Statham plays an FBI agent whose partner gets killed. He thinks he knows who killed him and goes out to find him. This isn't your typical 'partner gets killed and then seek revenge' movie, however. Not when you throw some serious plot twists and Jason Statham and Jet Li in the mix.

While watching War you’ll think you’ve seen this movie before, but you haven’t. There is a whale of a plot twist that will throw you completely off. The movie has good pacing and as a plus has Luis Guzman thrown in for comedic affect.

This is for any fan of the two stars. Many a men bite the bullet in this one. There did need to be more fight scenes with Statham and Li in them, though. Otherwise, an above average karate choppin’ good time.

"Plastic surgeon down in Panama accidentally impaled himself with a kitchen knife making a turkey sandwich."

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