Thursday, March 13, 2008

Movie Review: In The Valley Of Elah (2007)

Starring: Tommy Lee Jones, Charlize Theron
Director: Paul Haggis
Genre: Drama
Rated: R

Tommy Lee Jones, in his Oscar nominated role, plays the father of an Army soldier who comes back from Iraq and almost immediately goes AWOL. He goes to the Army post and is determined to find his son. He gets help from an investigator played by Charlize Theron. With her help can he uncover the facts about his son?

In The Valley Of Elah has a few turns along the way. This movie doesn't hold anything back from showing the extremes of loss and despair. I would understand if some would think that middle of the movie to be slow. I think it is Haggis showing how methodical the father is to find all of the answers without missing anything. A movie that can prove to be emotional. Also, I'll bet that you won't guess the ending to this one.

Another great role for Tommy Lee Jones playing a very sympathetic role. Jones and Theron are an interesting pair and make this film the better. Worth the rent.

"And so David went down into the valley to challenge Goliath."

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